Katie Schuermann's honest, sincere voice is as refreshing and invigorating as the Midwestern sunshine in which she was raised. Writing in vignettes which so perfectly suit the charm of small town life, Schuermann's words call to mind the warmth and realism of Montgomery's Avonlea and Herriot's Yorkshire countryside.

Always leaning toward the arts, Schuermann earned graduate degrees in music. Her professional experiences are as varied and eclectic as any writer's, ranging from walking beans to singing with a Baroque orchestra to directing children's musical theater camps. No doubt, Schuermann's cornfield roots and curriculum vitae factor heavily into her writing, but it is her Lutheran confession of faith in the Triune God which readers have come to expect and trust in Schuermann's prose.



House of Living Stones 

Emily Duke is the new choir director at Zion Lutheran Church, and everyone is pleased as punch. Everyone, that is, except Zion's organist of twenty-five years, Evan. Join Emily, Evan, Pastor Fletcher, and the rest of Zion's quirky flock as they learn how to live life together in Christ.